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Pond O Vac 3

Part number 50409
Dimensions (Dia x H) 15" x 27"
Voltage 110 V, 60 Hz.
Power Consumption 1,800 Watts
Max. suction height 8 ft.
Length of Intake Hose 16 ft.
Length of Drain Hose 8 ft.
Cord Length 12 ft.


  • Dual-chamber Vacuum System: Two cylinders alternate suction and drain cycle to provide continuous suction.
  • Sludge Drain with Drain Hose: Dual-discharge option for draining waste water directly into flower bed or attach debris bag and place into pond to "recycle" pond water during coarse debris removal. Use Drain Cap during wet-vac operation.
  • Aluminum Extension Tubes: Lightweight bend-resistant tubes.
  • Transparent Extension Tube: Allows easy visual inspection of debris material and to monitor operation.
  • Universal Multi-Tool: Removes pond sludge without taking in pond gravel.
  • String Algae Tool: Separates string algae strands for easy removal.
  • Brush Tool: Scrub away stubborn encrusted dirt and deposits.
  • Flat Surface Tool: Rollers and integrated brushes make cleaning large, level surfaces found in pools and swim ponds a breeze.
  • Wet Vacuum Tool: "Squeegee" away soiled water or residual water during use as a wet vacuum cleaner.
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Premier pond, swimming pool and household wet vacuum
* Versatile pond vacuum eases backbreaking pond maintenance
* Power vacuum sludge, algae and waste to keep ponds beautiful

OASE Living WaterPPowerful three-in-one unit functions as pond, swimming pool AND household wet vacuum! 20% more powerful than the Oase Pondovac 3, the new Pondovac 4 Pond and Pool Vacuum is designed so you can easily achieve a well-groomed pond you're proud to show off.

Rugged contractor-friendly vacuum features a patented two-chamber system driven by a 1,800W motor. Enjoy continuous operation even at depths of two meters without experiencing significant loss of suction.

Choose from five professional nozzle attachments to power through pond muck, sludge or even stubborn string algae with ease. Rigid extension tubes consist of four aluminum tubes and a transparent tube to extend your reach up to ten feet from shore.

Fully portable unit with rugged wheels and handle doubles as a compact caddy that neatly stores hose and accessories for easy transport.

Enjoy wet vacuum power that transitions seamlessly from pond cleanup, swimming pool maintenance or household wet-vac operation. 2.6 gallon capacity. Removes particles up to 3/8".

Includes: 16 ft intake hose with five rigid extension tubes, 8 ft discharge hose, 13 ft power cord, five nozzle attachments, discharge net, and a convenient rack to store and organize accessories.

ur 50cm sections with a total length of 2.0 m.
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1 13911 Spare Handle Set BUY NOW

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3 26760 Filter Foam
priced each

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4 27183 Filter Retainer Plate
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6 29464 Clamp Replacement Kit
includes clamp and hinge
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7 14102 Discharge Hose BUY NOW

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8 13910 Wheel
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9 13490 Suction Hose BUY NOW

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10 13436 Intake Distributor BUY NOW

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11 27546 Suction Extension Tube, Clear - 500 mm (19.6") BUY NOW

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12 16347
(old part # 14178)
Aluminum Extension Tube
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13 35398 Vacuum Seals Replacement Kit BUY NOW

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14 27756 Debris Bag
fiber mesh material

$ 11.25

15 27519 Plug
15 27519 Plug
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16 13909 Nozzle Set
includes multi (gravel) nozzle, string algae nozzle, brush nozzle, and wet vacuum brush

$ 31.25

17 12696 Surface Brush BUY NOW

$ 20.00