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Fluidart Hydrabead Filters


The Fluidart Hydrabead Filter Up Dated February 2008 is the filter that introduced hydraulic backwash to bead filters and Its proven to be a favorite  with people who really want a true backwash for their filter. Finally a quality built filter that was designed with the operator in mind.

During normal filtration mode, water from the pond enters at the bottom of the filter through a series of slotted pipes. Water then travels upward through the floating beads.

The beads pack in the upper part of the unit, create a bead pack that traps solids and particulates before allowing water to pass  back to the pond. By utilizing a smaller bead than conventional bead filters, Fluidart Hydrabead Filters provide a larger  surface area for increased biological filtration. This smaller bead also gives more of a "polished" effect to the water. The  Fluidart Hydrabead Filter provides unmatched performance for  even the most discerning pond keepers. Ultimate Hydrabead filters include: HYDRABEAD FILTER, TURBO VORTES, FLUIDART PUMP AND ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZER.






HydraBead 24 Suggested Retail $1,220.00.



HydraBead 24 Ultimate 900-1500 gph System Suggested Retail $3,215.00.





HydraBead 36 Suggested Retail $1,300.00.



HydraBead 36 Ultimate 1200-2460 gph System Suggested Retail $3,366.00.





HydraBead 48 Suggested Retail $1,420.00.



HydraBead 48 Ultimate 3300-4800 gph System Suggested Retail $3,576.00.