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  • Made of timeless Stainless Steel.
  • Hydraulic backwash that utilizes flow from the pump for a  though cleaning and rinse.
  • That prevents a dirty debris fro reentering the pond after back washing.
  • Space saving-only 18" Footprint and 56" tall.
  • Huge surface area [500-550] Sq. Ft. Per Cu. Ft. contains 4.0 Cu. Ft. of Media.
  • Comes with a Multi-Port Valve that allows rinsing after  backwash if desired.
  • Bypass the Filter during times of treating in the pond.
  • 2 Cubic Feet of Floating Media.

For Koi Ponds up to 10,000 Gallons.

24x36x72 Tall




Model Ft3 Media Ponds
up to
72 4 10,000 13" 260   56     85     29.375  

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This is the filter that rewrote the book on Pond Filtration.

After over four years of research and development, Fluidart  Technologies has produced a filter that has incorporated both bead  filtration and Fluidized bed Filtration in a sing, compact and  reliable unit, with a concept so unique it was granted a PATENT.

The FluidBead as shown here, can handle a wide variety of pond sizes from 1,500 Gallons to 7,000 Gallons thanks to a variable flow rate of 30 to 80 Gallons per minute. Flow Rate is determined by pump size.

Cleaning the filter is an effortless task with just an easy  movement of the handle to the backwash position. No more dirty  sponges, mats or brushed to clean. Maintenance is a breeze.

The inner workings of the FluidBead Filter are divided into two  separate functions, working together.

The fluidized bed filtration in the lower part of the unit is in constant motions. A constant supply of oxygen and nutrients.  Fluidized bed filtration has been in use for years in intensive aquaculture where the Biofilters must perform to high standards in confined area's.

The floating beads in the upper part of the unit, create a bead  pack that traps filter here.

Solids and particular before allowing water to pass back to the  pond. By utilizing a smaller bead than conventional bead filters,  the FluidBead Filter provides a larger surface area per cubic foot  and gives more of a "polished" effect to the water.






FluidBead Filter

Ponds Up to 10,000 Gallons





FluidBead Filter Ultimate System

Ponds Up to 10,000 Gallons