Pure Pond are biodegradable balls, crammed full of live. bacteria that are slowly released when they are needed most.

With over 8,000,000,000 bacteria per litre of Pure Pond Balls, your pond will shine even more than normal, especially if you add them regularly into your Kaldnes moving bed, or into any other type of filter you may have.

When you introduce the Pure Pond balls into the biological chamber of your Nexus, they become one with moving bed, agitating alongside the K1 media, just waiting to smooth out any peaks and troughs of the Ammonia/Nitrite cycle, to give you even healthier, crystal clear water. Works equally well in any filter type made (both static and fluidized), as well as in skimmers and filterfall units.

Pure Pond are time released, and so will last for several months in your system. No need for regular treatments!

500ml treats 2,600 gallons
1 liter treats 5,200 gallons
2 liters treats 10,500 gallons



Pure Pond 500 Ml Treats up to 10,000 Gallons


Pure Pond 1000 Ml Treats up to 20,000 Gallons


Pure Pond Bomb

...Excellent Treats aprox. 5,000 Gallons


Pure Pond 2000 Ml Treats 10570Gallons


Pure Pond Bomb

Do you need an intensive, fast acting pond treatment? Do you need help achieving crystal clear, healthy water? If yes, Evolution Aqua’s PURE Pond Bomb is the product for you.

What is the PURE Pond Bomb?

PURE Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of the Award Winning PURE Pond. PURE Pond Bomb is ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water.

Inside the PURE Pond Bomb there is a unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes, which get to work as soon as the ball hits the water to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite to leave your pond crystal clear and healthy.

How to use the PURE Pond Bomb?

Simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into your pond filter or directly into the water. PURE Pond Bomb can also be used when starting up a new filter, as the high concentration of bacteria will help to remove the harmful ammonia and nitrite, allowing the filter media to mature. Just drop the PURE Pond Bomb into the biological stage of your filter.