Pearls Of Paradise Show Tanks

Completed System..........



Our portable holding tanks feature easy assembly and disassembly.

These free  standing tanks are ideal for shows, quarantine or temporary quarters.

All Tanks are 22 oz. Polyester Scrimmed Vinyl that we use for the transport tanks as well as the in-ground liners.

  • The material is extremely strong and completely fish friendly.
  • Very tear resistant

Technical Specifications

  • Liner is UV resistant...15% loss over 50 years
  • Tanks are 30" deep and come in 3', 6', 8' and 10' diameters
  • 8 PVC support legs
  • 1-1/2" female threaded drain plug is securely mounted and sealed
  • 1-1/2" female threaded adapter can be converted to feed pumps and filtration systems
  • Double reinforced seams

Avaible in Black or Blue

More Sizes of Tanks Avaible :

6', 8' and 10'

6' Pearls Of Paradise w/Net ...

BEST Tank to put in your basement of your home.

High Quality

NEW.....Eazy Pond Filter w/ UV18 Watt

with Air Systyem

Danner Mag Drive Pumps 2400 GPH Subermisble or on Ground

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6' Pearls Of Paradise w/Net

Eazy Pod Filter w/UV, Danner Mag Drive Pump 2400GPH





Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 1000
6' Pearls Of Paradise
Ultima IIFilter 1,000
Sequence 3600SEQ 12
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6' Pearls Of Paradise w/Net

Ultima II Filter 1,000 Sequence 3600SEQ 12

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View from Bottom of Drain...................................This is a Side View

...............Fill with pea gravel to weigh it down.

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Rhino Drain Sits on top of liner for Quaratine Systems or Existing ponds.




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Installing the Eazy Pod the Show Tank


All tanks are made from Hight Quality blue 60mm UV Resistant Pvc Linner.

Frams are design to be strong and made of high qulaity pvc.The Top Rim has inserted Flexible PVC.