Medicated Koi Food

EXCELLENT for treating TOUGH BACTERIAL and FUNGAL diseases!!

Medi KoiTM is more effective than ever for healing tough fungal and bacteria infections and here's why:

We added a proprietary blend of natural micro-nutrients to our custom formula that aids in the effectiveness of the antibiotics in our Medi KoiTM, plus, the micro-nutrients accelerates and intensifies the natural response of the immune system, which accelerates the healing of tough fungal and bacterial infections in your koi and pond fish. Our exclusive proprietary blend of natural micro-nutrients is not available in any other medicated food. If your fish are suffering from a tough fungal and/or bacterial infection and you need a good medicated food that works fast and your fish will love to eat, Medi KoiTM is the medicated food for you!

Can't find antibiotics? Uncomfortable giving injections? Can't catch your fish? Medi KoiTM is the next best treatment for tough fungal and bacterial infections.

Tired of trying to feed your sick pond fish those medicated fish foods they refuse to eat?Medi KoiTM is loaded with Krill Meal, Shrimp Meal and other high quality ingredients that actually stimulate your sick fish's appetite so your fish receive the medications they need.

Medi KoiTM supplies the high quality nutrition your fish need for a fast recovery at the same time they are receiving their powerful medications: 38% protein, 12% fat, with stabilized Vitamin C plus many, many more Vitamins and the more effective chelated minerals.

Medi KoiTM is a custom made, sinking pellet that brings the medication to the bottom of your pond where your sick fish tend to stay.

Medi KoiTM is packaged in Zip-Seal vapor-locked, heat sealed foil bags, to insure freshness.


Medi KoiTM is a good food to feed to your NEW fish for 10 to 14 days after you receive them. It will help them fight off any bacterial attack they might suffer from being stressed from shipping.







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Medi-Koi Food 8.00 lb




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