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Aqua Ultraviolet UV Lights

Introducing the NEW evoUV!

The evoUV range features

- Available in either 55 watt or 110 watt sizes
- Both sizes employ a unique internal flow pattern that allows for large range of pump size
- Straight through design minimizes friction losses
- Electronic ballast
- UV stabilised PE outer casing which has a higher reflective index than stainless steel
- Unique design that gives less head loss than other manufacturers’ models, saving energy costs
- Thermal safety protection means that the unit will switch off before it overheats
- 2" inlet and outlet on all models
- Units can be mounted horizontally or vertically
- Units have integral stainless mounting brackets


2165 EVO 55 UV- 55 Watt UV Light Unit

Ponds up to 7,000 Gallons

1 1/2" inlet and outlet.

Water Flow up to 7,000 GPH


EVO 110 - 110 Watt UV Light Unit

Ponds up to 10,000 Gallons

Includes: 2" inlet and outlet.

Water Flow up to 9,600 GPH

2167 EVO 55 Watt Lamp $34.17  
2168 EVO Quartz Sleeve $41.25