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Eazy Pod


A low priced, smaller version of the Nexus Eazy, the world's number-one professional koi filtration system.

The all new Eazy Pod is a complete filter system for koi ponds up to 2,500 gallons, or water gardens up to 5,000 gallons.

  • Utilizes proven Eazy 200 + Kaldnes media
  • Provides excellent water clarity and quality
  • Quick and easy cleaning with no wet or dirty hands
  • Air backwash
  • Complete with connectors for pipe up to 3-inch
  • Small size... only 23 inches tall and 23 inches wide
  • Works equally well in either pump or gravity configurations
Max Pond Size (ornamental fish): 4,400 gallons ( 5,284 US gallons)
Max Koi Pond Size: 2,200 gallons ( 2,642 US gallons)
Maximum flow rate: 2,200 gph ( 2,642 US gph)
Kaldnes K1 media: 25 litres included
Max Feed Rate: 100g per day
Recommended Air Pump: Airtech 40

New!!! The Eazy Pod is now also available as the Eazy Pod Air.

Plus, you save $105 over purchasing these tems Separately!

This product cobines the Eazy Pod with the all new EA Airpump 70 Kit. You get the Eazy Pod, a 70 lpm air pump,

4 port air manifold, 33' of air tubing, and two high quality air stones.

Pump Fed Systems

The unit should be situated at a height above the pond water level, to allow adequate gravity return to the pond. The gravity return pipe work from the exit point of the Pod to the pond needs to be a minimum of 4 inches (90-115 mm external diameter) and should have no restrictions. Great care should be taken to ensure that no air locks are created within the gravity return pipe
work. Downward returns with no bends are recommended.

The pipe work from the pond pump to the inlet of the Pod will need to be connected to the 1.5 inch (40mm) slide valve G.
The 4 inch / 90-115 mm (minimum) gravity return pipe work will need to be connected to the rubber adaptor E on the exit point of the Pod. This fitting when first connected to this pipe could appear too big (especially 90mm) – it will however reduce with the clip provided and
make a tight seal – this is done with a screwdriver. The return pipe is then extended and returned to the pond or waterfall as required.

NOTE: It is important be able to isolate the Pod for maintenance purposes. Therefore we
recommend that you install an isolating valve (4 inch / 90-115 mm slide or ball valve) on your
inlet gravity line before the Pod.


Installation Manual

Completely empty your bag of K1 into the inner chamber C. It is essential NEVER to remove or add any media other than the 30 litres supplied. Cleaning and maintaining the Pod will depend on flow rate, feed, stocking, blanket weed etc. A Pod on a summer pond with
heavy blanket weed will need more frequent maintenance than a pond in December with no food fed. Be aware that any movement of the Pod’s K1 whilst the pond pump is in operation will dislodge the waste collected and will be sent back to the pond and clarity will suffer. If this does happen, the Pod will eventually remove this waste again in time. The cleaning regimes for both pump and gravity installations are listed below.
Please Note. A pump fed system will need cleaning when the water level in chamber B/C has risen and is close to the overflow assembly. A gravity fed system will need cleaning before the water level in chamber B has lowered by 4 inches / 100mm. System running


  • (1) Turn off the pump
  • (2) Insert the slid plate in the intake port
  • (3) Insert the stand pipe in the central shaft
  • (4) Open the air line to the central vortex (the Eazy)
  • (5) Boil the Kaldnes for a minute or two
  • (6) Open the central vortex drain valve, and dump out the crap.
  • (7) Once the central vortex is empty, remove the slide plate to purge the main 4" line
  • (8) After a few seconds, close the drain valve on the central vortex.
  • (9) Remove the stand pipe in the central shaft
  • (10) Turn the pump back on
  • Easy3  

How to Clean the Eazy Pod Filter

Challenger Filter
Challenger Filter
Kaldness K1 K3
Cetus Sieve
Cetus Sieve
Bio Chips
Bio Chips
Eazy Pod
Eazy Pod
Hakko Air Pump
Hakko Air Pump


























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How the Eazy Pod works the same as the Nexus
How the Eazy Pod and Nexus is Made

How the Eazy Pod works:

  • Water enters the central vortex, where heavy solids simply settle to the bottom of the vortex.
  • Water then travels through static Kaldnes media, which is retained in a stainless steel basket.
  • This process has been proven to trap incredibly small particles of waste.

wo Ways to Set Up Your Eazy Pod Floating Bed Filter:


The Pod must be situated at pond water level. That is to say, that when the circulating pump is

switched off, water is level with the overflow assembly. This level will lower when in operation.

The 2 rubber connectors on the inlet and outlet ports must be swapped over so that on the
inlet you will have the 4 inch (90-115mm) rubber connector to take your pipe work from the

pond and on the outlet you will have the 1.5 inch (40mm) connector for your return pressure line.


To achieve optimum water quality and clarity we recommend that the Pod be air
backwashed and purged on a regular basis. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the
loading of the pond. However, the filter must be cleaned regularly. In the event of a
blockage, the circulation pump will become starved on a gravity system or the chamber will
overflow on a pump fed system. The overflow assembly (on fig 1) is a built in overflow. Should
a blockage of the K1 media occur, water will bypass the stainless steel screen and return to
the pond.

Nexus Filter

Howto InStall Eazy Pod Filter

How to Start the Eazy Pod Filte

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Eazy Pod
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Kaldnes K1 50 Litres 1.77 Cubic Feet
Nexus200 & 300 Lid
Nexus 300/3000 Lid

Qarantine Tanks or Holding Tanks:

The Eazy Pod is also an excellent filter selection for quarantine systems.

[Click on photo's for product page.]

How to set up a Quaratine System

Danner 1800 GPH Pump orSequence Pump 1/8 H.P.

Intake,Strainer Cover & Return back to Tank


8 Watt UV LightStrainer to cover the out put to filter

As a pre-filter, for use on skimmer lines, for adding additional biological capacity, or as a polishing unit at the end of your filtration line.

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